Python Barcelona: septiembre 2015

22 de septiembre de 2015 - iCalendar para este evento
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Reunión Python Barcelona el martes 22 de septiembre de 2015 a las 19:00. Skyscanner, Plaza de Catalunya, 1, edificio "El Triangle", quinta planta, Barcelona.

Las tres charlas propuestas son:

  • “Hacking the BCN housing market” (Scrapy)

    by Tudor Barbu (@motanelu) - 10min [English]

  • "Técnicas OSINT & Python"

    By Albert Sanchez (@State_X) - 30min [Spanish]

  • "Image processing for beginners"

    by Prassanna Ganesh - 30min [English]

If you want to give a talk at the next python Meetup, please submit your ideas through this form:

Se recomienda inscribirse en el meetup del grupo y hacer constar la asistencia.


There is access control in the building. We are going to provide them the list with atendees names for that reason RSVP+1 are not allowed. Please make sure you have your full name in your profile or you may have issues at the security checkpoint.

Limited to 60 seats, please be responsible when signing up.